Xian Gaza Comments on Paolo Contis’ Job Loss, Senyora Offers Witty Response

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A recent social media exchange involving Filipino entrepreneur Xian Gaza and actor Paolo Contis has sparked debate among netizens, shedding light on the challenges of discussing personal matters online.


The controversy began when Xian Gaza commented on a photo of Paolo Contis, suggesting that the actor had lost his job. Gaza’s statement, “Paolo Contis hindi pa man nakakaipon ng pang sustento eh nawalan agad ng trabaho” (Paolo Contis hasn’t even saved up enough for sustenance yet he lost his job), drew mixed reactions from users, with some expressing concern for Contis’ financial well-being.


In response to Gaza’s comment, social media personality Senyora added a touch of humor, saying, “Grabe ka kay Paolo, Mars. Baka naman nakaipon… pang Baguio” (You’re being harsh on Paolo, dear. Maybe he’s saved up… for Baguio). Senyora’s witty remark injected levity into the conversation, prompting further discussion among netizens.


Despite facing criticism, Xian Gaza reiterated his stance, stating, “At least hindi siya scammer” (At least he’s not a scammer). He clarified his comment, expressing empathy for Contis: “Hindi ko binabash si Paolo. Nag-reply lang ako sa isang komento. Ang totoo niyan, nalulungkot ako for him. Mahirap yung walang source of income tapos may mga anak ka. Been there. Mahirap. Hindi naman siya estapador para makadiskarte ng pangsustento” (I’m not bashing Paolo. I was just replying to a comment. The truth is, I feel sad for him. It’s difficult to have no source of income especially when you have children. Been there. It’s hard. He’s not a swindler to resort to finding a means of livelihood).


The exchange between Xian Gaza, Senyora, and other netizens highlights the complexities of discussing personal matters on social media platforms. While some sympathize with Contis’ situation, others question the appropriateness of speculating about an individual’s livelihood in a public forum.


As of now, Paolo Contis has not publicly addressed the comments made by Xian Gaza and Senyora, leaving the online community to ponder the actor’s circumstances.


In addition to the exchange between Xian Gaza and Senyora, other netizens also chimed in with their perspectives, further enriching the discourse on social media.


One user commented, “Ganyan dapat..shinashout out dapat mga walangyang tumatakbo sa responsibilidad” (That’s right…we should call out those who shirk their responsibilities). This sentiment reflects a call for accountability and highlights the importance of fulfilling one’s duties, especially in the face of adversity.

Another user contributed, “Bilog ang mundo, kahit nakagawa man ng mali yung tao wag na wag mong hahamakin ang katayuan nya sa buhay. Dahil baka sa pagdilat mo, ikaw naman ang nasa sitwasyon nya” (The world is round, even if someone has made mistakes, never degrade their standing in life. Because when you open your eyes, you might find yourself in their situation). This comment underscores the unpredictability of life and urges empathy and understanding towards others, regardless of their past actions.

These additional perspectives highlight the diverse range of opinions within the online community and emphasize the importance of compassion and empathy in navigating discussions on social media.


As the conversation continues to unfold, it serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of human experience and the significance of fostering understanding and support within online communities.


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