Frank Magalona, ni-like ang post ng netizen na tumawag ng ‘homewrecker’ at ‘mistress’ kay Abigail Rait

Frank Magalona, the son of the late Filipino rap icon Francis Magalona, has recently been associated with a trending issue concerning his father.

Frank Magalona’s recent activity on social media has raised some eyebrows. He was seen liking a post from a netizen that expressed discomfort over a video from ‘Pinoy Pawnstar,’ where an individual claiming to be a homewrecker revealed an affair with Francis Magalona and stated, ’15 years akong nanahimik.’

“I found it weird watching the video of Pinoy Pawnstar where a homewrecker revealed his affair with Francis M., saying, ’15 years akong nanahimik.’ Of course, you will. You’re a mistress. Duh”

The netizen’s comment in the post was straightforward, saying, “Of course, you will. You’re a mistress. Duh.” Frank’s like on this post suggests that he might have some sentiments regarding the matter, although it’s important to remember that social media interactions can be open to interpretation.

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