Captain’s Peak: “Dapat sila rin imbestigahan”

It’s like a village gathering where everyone’s gathered around a crackling fire, sharing stories and concerns. With the news of Captain’s Peak possibly closing down, there’s a palpable sense of worry and curiosity swirling among both locals and visitors. As the manager steps into the circle, there’s a hushed anticipation, and then the words spill out – a plea for fairness and understanding.

At that moment, it’s not just about business anymore; it’s about people. The manager’s call for an investigation isn’t driven by corporate agendas but by a genuine desire to ensure that everyone plays by the same rules. It’s like a neighbor looking out for the community, making sure that no one gets left behind.


And as the discussion unfolds, it becomes clear that this isn’t just about one resort. It’s about a shared heritage, a collective love for the land that stretches back generations. The manager’s voice trembles with emotion as they talk about the importance of preserving the integrity of the Chocolate Hills, not just for today’s visitors but for future generations to come.


In the end, it’s a reminder that behind every business decision, there are real people with real stories and real stakes. And in the heart of it all, there’s a simple plea – let’s do right by each other and by the land we call home.

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